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Letter to the Editor: August 28, 2023

The town has selected a contractor to perform a new water and sewer rate study.  What is not known is

how long the study will take, and when the new rates will take effect.  Being told through the Town

Manager’s press release that I "will be held accountable" for any "water and sewer rate increases and

arrearages", I am apprehensive as to what the new rates will be.  But more importantly, I am highly

concerned about how much my "arrears" will be (despite having paid my water and sewer bill in full

every month!), how the “arrears” amount is going to be calculated, why I am responsible for a decision I

had no say in (to not pay the full monthly bill Waterbury submitted to our Water and Sewer Dept for five

years) and how much time I will be given to pay “my arrears”.

And to make matters worse, we’re under an appeal of the Waterbury Superior Court ruling. How long is

that going take?  In the meantime, interest owed to Waterbury is growing at over $9,000 per

day, increasing the amount of arrears each of us Water and Sewer customers will owe until this lawsuit

is concluded.

Rose Soboleski

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