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Letter to the Editor: October 8, 2023

The public has very limited access to our Town Council. Only one opportunity is given to speak during their “public comment” segment of the public meeting, but the silent, controlling majority rarely gives any acknowledgement, nor offers any resolution to your concern. You only get a “deer in the headlights” look. Why? They took away our right to have participation in the meeting. Recently they changed our freedom to speak by limiting “Public Comment” to “only be permitted if it is specifically listed as an agenda item for the meeting, and only at the time when it is so listed”. Well now, that sounds like they have no intention at all to hear our concerns, let alone address anyone’s worries. With the majority Council setting the agenda, have you ever seen agenda items which address a townsperson’s apprehensions, even when public participation was allowed? Most agendas of recent years only list the ways they are spending our tax dollars.

Frustrating, right? The majority Council’s latest radical approach lacks dignity and is ineffective for us; they don’t care. But let me tell you, this is not typical behavior at other area town governances nor is it acceptable any longer in Watertown.

Our Mission statement is yet to be factually accurate because we, the public, don’t feel valued, and due to the recent big reveal of the Water and Sewer Authority’s predicament with Waterbury, which makes it OUR predicament, we are lacking the honesty, fiscal responsibility and efficient services we all deserve.

Significant, fundamental change is coming. Come out and vote November 7th for these women who advocate honesty, integrity and transparency in our government. Vote for Katherine Camara, Carina Noyd and incumbent Rachael Ryan on the Independent line. They support YOU. The Independent Party fights for ALL of YOU.

 Rose Soboleski

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