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2023 Letter from the Chairman

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and see what history might teach us. In 2001, the

Republican slate of candidates for Watertown’s Town Council won and took over the majority. I

was one of those candidates. One of our first actions was to establish a second public

participation at Council meetings. In those days, many citizens attended Council meetings and

were encouraged to speak about any topic they cared about. Council members participated in

conversations with our citizens and answered their questions.

But that was then. Things change, and sometimes, not for the better. The current

Republican majority has the opposite view. Citizens are not encouraged to participate in our

government, not allowed to raise new issues, and sometimes made to feel they are intruding.

Questions and concerns are not addressed by the Council.

How can we change Town Council meetings back to the way they were? The election on

November 7 is a chance to eliminate the Republican majority on the Council. If all four non-

Republican candidates win, the Republican dominance that has prevailed since 2009 will vanish.

There are three superb candidates running on the Independent Party line: Katherine

Camara, Rachael Ryan, and Carina Noyd. Katherine has been a tireless citizen advocate for

years. Rachael is a government expert and currently serves on the Council. Carina is new to

local politics, and has a genuine interest in listening to our citizens. If the Republican majority is

overturned, you will see Council Members talking with you and answering your questions during

public participation.

Government is supposed to work for the people. Not the other way around. Help bring

decision-making out of the shadows and restore transparency to Watertown government. You

can improve our town. Vote Independent. Row C.


Richard Wick, Chairman

Watertown-Oakville Independent Party

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