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Watertown - Oakville

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency

Working for Everyone, not just Insiders

Letter from the Chairman

OCTOBER 16, 2023 - Welcome to your Independent Party’s website. There is a lot of information
elsewhere on the site about what’s been going on in our Town recently. We hope you find it
helpful as you read and think about the condition of our Town today and what you can do about

Government is supposed to work for the people. Everyone. From the national groups and the
state groups to the local groups, all elected and appointed officials work for the people. Not the
other way around.

Is that what’s happening today?

Not all the time.

People often ask why did they do that? Why didn’t they do this? Something is wrong. What
can I do?

One answer is: Get Involved yourself.

Maybe you can’t. Even if that’s the case, you can do something equally important, maybe even
more important at this time: Vote to eliminate the Republican majority on the Town Council on
November 7. It’s possible. There are four non-Republican candidates on the ballot. If all four
win, the Council will no longer be dominated by a Republican majority. For the first time in
over a decade.

Our government works in ways that are not mysterious but have often been questionable. Some
would say incompetent. Click here for an essay that goes into details on how government works.


Be sure to vote on November 7. To make our town better for all, vote for the candidates on the
Independent line, Row C.


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