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Letter to the Editor: October 13, 2023

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Katherine Camara will fight for the people of our Town

I am voting for Katherine Camara for Town Council on the Independent Party line on November 7.

This is why you should vote for her, too. Katherine has an extensive knowledge of the Town as she has

been attending Town Council and commission meetings for years.

She is a proven citizen advocate who will fight for the people.

At times, our Planning and Zoning Commission has ignored our zoning map and engaged in spot zoning,

changing the zone of one property at the expense of the neighbors who bought their homes expecting

that zoning regulations would protect their property values.

Katherine was the leader of the fight to stop the recent Sealy zone change in Oakville. This change

would have permitted a drive-thru fast-food restaurant with dumpsters, vermin and litter to abut the

Veteran’s Memorial and backyards of residents. She rallied neighbors, spent her own money and raised

funds to fight the zone change in court. As P&Z did not follow their own regulations, they were forced

to reverse their decision.

She has fought to save other neighborhoods as well. When P&Z changed the zone on the corner of

Straits Turnpike and Bunker Hill to allow a car dealership, she founded the Backyard Preservation

Coalition, which raised funds to fight the proposed car dealership. Now, a medical facility is being built

on the site, just as the Backyard Preservation Coalition had recommended.

Katherine has also investigated and disclosed conflicts of interest and inappropriate actions within our

government and posted them on her GadflyGirl06795 Facebook and YouTube. Katherine has a proven

record of investing her time, talent and money to fight for what is right and the government we deserve.

I urge you to vote for Katherine Camara on November 7.

Beatrix Kassai

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