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Letter to the Editor: May 1, 2023

To the Editor:

Shortly, all Watertown and Oakville individuals with real and personal property will be subjected to a

property revaluation. The new value that will be placed on your home will reflect the increases we have

seen in property values over the last few years. If you missed out on what was going on, here’s a recap.

Home prices skyrocketed as there was so little property available for sale that people fought to purchase

something, anything to get their foot in the door of new home ownership, which for some, was for the

first time. Some of those who wanted to buy were looking to get out of rentals where that expense had

increased too greatly. And, have you tried to buy a used vehicle? Those values were near or exceeded

the cost of a new car. All of this is going to be reflected on your revaluation.

Assess now what is going on with our town budget, which we will be voting on at the May 23rd

referendum. An $89,780,880 budget was presented to The Town Council, of which they are considering

reducing it by $1 million. Even with this reduction, our mill rate will still increase by 1.4, which according

to them, will expand your taxes about 4 percent. That is just for this year. What happens when they

come back again next year for more money? The property revaluations kick in, slated to begin with your

tax bill issued on July 1, 2024. Your tax bills will shock you.

The town budget includes many salary increases, above the average rate of 2 ½ to 4 percent which most

people outside our local government get. Town employees have had major increases over the last few

years. Their responsibilities aren’t increasing, but their salaries are.

Be sure to vote.

Rose Soboleski

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