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Letter to the Editor: October 29, 2023

To the Editor:

I am so grateful we have three excellent candidates running for the Town Council on the Independent

ticket for this November 7 election. Thoughtful, open discussions will be the norm with this new

leadership team. Katherine Camara, Carina Noyd and incumbent Rachael Ryan are committed to

making honest, ethical and fair decisions for our town governance. Public participation at meetings will

be brought back. Our freedom to speak will be both heard and answered. Katherine has already proven

to be a tireless advocate for honesty, integrity and transparency in our government for we, the people.

She will continue these efforts on the Town Council along with Carina and Rachael, Gary Lafferty and

Denise Russ.

Let’s get out to vote on November 7. Vote Independent, Row C for these three women who have our

best interests at heart for the soul of Watertown and Oakville. Vote for Katherine Camara, Carina Noyd

and Rachael Ryan.

Rose Soboleski

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