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Letter from the Chairman

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

October 10, 2021

Many Watertown residents have been annoyed – to say the least - by loud outdoor music now

permitted at town venues. This has seriously affected the quality of life of residents who live close to the

sources.  The current ineffective noise ordinance contains happy talk about respecting the quality of life

for all, but it is just talk.  The problem needs to be solved, not only talked about.

After more than a year of hearing complaints and promising action, the Republican-controlled Town

Council has only given lip service to the issue which has bounced between the Council and the

Ordinance Subcommittee. The phony illusion of progress is offensive to the citizens who need help.

If you are not affected by the noise problem, be happy, but stay alert.  The next residential

neighborhood unilaterally changed for the worse by actions of the Republican-controlled Council or

Planning and Zoning Commission could be yours.    

Before this happens, check out the Independent Party website at,

where you can see that passing an effective noise ordinance is a priority. Discover other situations

where Republican-controlled government actions messed up various neighborhoods.  For over a decade,

the Independent Party has helped citizens ignored by their Town government.  But real changes can only

be made by electing all the Independent Party candidates, making them the Town Council majority


A strong Independent Party protects all citizens, not just insiders.

You can make the future brighter if you vote for all the Independent candidates for Town Council on

November 2.  Row C.  


Richard Wick


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