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Letters from Town Residents: Bea

Vote Independent for a better Watertown
Have never had much interest in politics, but I do like to know what is happening in my local area. Have not been impressed with the way the current majority governing body in Watertown has been handling matters for quite some time. Based on the public hearings and meetings of late, I believe there are plenty of others who feel the same.
I want change.
A friend invited me to the August meeting of the Independent Party so I went out of curiosity. It turned out to be a very pleasant experience. I was impressed with the party’s level of Town knowledge, and the in-depth conversations and debate that took place over local problems. It was much like a local think tank. It stands to reason that the only Town Council member with the same demeanor is Rachael Ryan, who was an Independent/Democratic cross-endorsed candidate in the 2019 election.
I want a governing body that holds healthy debate and conversation at its meetings, not one that just shows up to vote and leaves without a word.
I/We want a better Watertown. Did my homework and now I know how to attain the change we ALL desire and deserve. I will vote Row C - the Independent line - for a better Watertown on November 2.
- Bea
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